A Manager Jailed For 3 Months For Forging Receipts Of Traffic Fines
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Manager jailed for forging traffic fines issued to a driver working with his company and submitting them to his director to misappropriate Dh5,000. The Egyptian manager, M.M., forged the traffic tickets, inflating the value of the fines, when he sought reimbursement in lieu of the fines.

The Dubai Court of First Instance convicted M.M. for tampering with documents and embezzling from his workplace. The manager pleaded not guilty and denied any wrongdoing.

Records said M.M. made copies of the traffic penalty receipts and modified the amounts mentioned before submitting the same to the company’s manager to claim additional reimbursement of Dh5,000. Records said he tampered with two receipts of Dh5,000 and Dh8,500.

According to the primary ruling, the forged documents will be confiscated. The company’s Indian director said M.M. visited his desk and handed him the receipts.

“In December 2013, M.M. asked me to reimburse him Dh8,500 that he claimed to have paid against the traffic fines drawn by the company’s driver, S.T. I gave him the money. In January 2014, he handed me two receipts claiming to have paid two fines worth Dh6,600. I presented the papers to the company’s owner, who said the fines would be deducted from S.T.’s salary. By the end of the month, the driver came to me and asked for a copy of the fines to double-check the mentioned value; then he told me that one of the receipts was fake,” he said.

The driver, S.T., told prosecutors that he was suspended from work for two days after he was fined for a traffic violation.

“Then the company deducted the next fine from my salary, but I had a suspicion about the fine amount. When I checked with the pertinent police station, I realised that the value of the fines had been forged on the receipts that M.M. claimed to have paid,” S.T. testified.

M.M. was cited telling prosecutors that he tampered with the value of the fines on the receipts to teach the driver a lesson not to commit any violations in the future. The ruling remains subject to appeal.



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