A New Global Nightmare Hotline To Record Your Dreams
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A new global nightmare hotline is in the offing as part of a proposed app that will aggregate and record untold dreams of users in order to sift through the mysteries of our grey matter when asleep.

The hotline to help calm frayed nerves following harrowing dreams was announced on Wednesday to a packed session at Global Women’s Forum.

Hunter Lee Soik, Founder and Chief Executive Officer said Shadow, believed to be the world’s first app of its kind, will field personal recollections of dreams sent through the app and store them in an international dream database.

Furthering the psychoanalytic dream-analysis work of Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung, New York-based Soik told delegates that his own dream is to help unlock the mysteries of the subconscious to help guide the conscious to more positive thinking.

As many as 10,000 dreams have been recorded in the database so far ahead of the app’s proposed launch sometime this summer, Soik told Gulf News. “My main mission is to understand why we dream,” he said. “Our mobile app helps you remember and record your dreams.”

Part of the problem with interpreting our own dreams, Soik said, is that 95 per cent of us almost immediately forget our dreams as soon as we reawaken despite fact that most people experience between three to five dreams each night whilst in heavy beta sleep.

Study so far, he said, suggests women enjoy their dreams more than men. “Women dream more than men. Women have more interesting dreams. Dreams of women are way better than men,” Soik said.

Delegates lobbed a flurry of questions into the sessions, including queries whether we dream in colour or black and white and whether the state of dreaming could change in future if it is studied more thoroughly.

Soik said that there is a theory that humans dreamt in black and white until the 1950s advent of colour television and said its uncertain whether studying the issue could affect people involved with the app and their dreams.

Asked what advantage there is storing dreams from the around world, Soik said that sharing opens new possibilities. App users will “get to share what other people’s dreams mean to them … it opens up dialogue,” he said.



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