A Saudi Husband Divorced His Wife Minutes After Wedding As Wife Was Too Busy On Phone
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A Saudi husband divorced his wife minutes after they were married since he found his wife too busy with texting. Both the newly-wed husband-wife duo reached hotel room after the wedding event got over.

When the man tried to consummate his marriage, the wife refused to pay him any attention and instead continued to respond to congratulatory messages on her phone. When enquired if he was more important or her friends, the wife sided with her friends leaving the man in frenzy.

The angry groom left the hotel room in a huff. A court has referred the divorce plea to the reconciliation committee to see both the parties reconcile and save their marriage. Around 50 per cent of divorces in Saudi Arabia involved newlyweds . Social media networks including Facebook and WhatsApp are playing a big role in increasing the number of divorce cases in the gulf kingdom.

9 Strange reasons married couples sought divorce in the middle east

As many as 90 per cent of partners who file for divorce in Bahrain have ‘silly reasons’ for ending their marriage, according to a lawyer. The same holds true of the entire Middle East where both husbands and wives sought divorce citing strange reasons.

In Bahrain, examples include a woman who wanted to leave her husband for refusing to take her to the cinema, one who complained her husband cried when he read the Quran and prayed too much, while another was fed up with her husband ordering food from the same restaurant every day.

In Saudi Arabia, a woman sought divorce over her husband’s effeminate manner, while another woman filed for divorce over her husband’s extra love towards camels. Also, a Saudi husband sought divorce from his wife as she cried over her favourite contestant’s exit from a reality show.

In Algeria, a woman filed for divorce after her husband refused to shave his moustache.



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