A Tailor Jailed For A Year For Punching His Co Worker And Fracturing His Jaw
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A tailor has been jailed for a year for punching his co-worker and fracturing his jaw when the latter advised him to stop harassing their women colleagues. The Egyptian tailor, Y.M., punched his countryman, who was drinking tea outside the garment store where they both worked, unconscious with a punch in Al Ghusais in January.

The Dubai Court of First Instance sentenced Y.M. in absentia after convicting him of assaulting the co-worker and causing him a 10 per cent permanent disability in his jaw. Presiding judge Ezzat Mansour said the accused will be deported after serving his punishment.

Medical reports said the victim underwent an operation to fix his fractured jaw and had a metal chip implanted to correct the disability so he could chew and eat. The co-worker said the incident happened after he advised Y.M. not to harass their two women colleagues.

“On a Friday evening I was drinking tea at the store’s entrance, when the defendant walked towards me. He asked me to walk with him because he wanted to tell me something. But I refused. Suddenly he punched me and I fell to the ground unconscious. When I regained consciousness after some time, I spotted Y.M. throwing away the tea. I heard a crowd of people shouting and trying to stop the fight. The defendant walked away. I had to call my dad who drove me to a pharmacy where they gave me medication. The next day when I woke up, I realised that my jaw and cheek were swollen. I went to the hospital, where I had an X-ray. My jaw was fractured and I needed immediate surgery. I reported the matter to the police once I was discharged after the operation,” the co-worker testified.

A Syrian salesman testified that he saw the co-worker when he went outside his shop to smoke.

“I greeted him and had walked around 10 metres when I turned back and saw him on the ground. The defendant stood in front of him … it was obvious the defendant had assaulted him. Neighbours and I intervened to stop the fight and prevent it from escalating,” he claimed.



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