Accident Case - My Lawyer Doesnt Respond To My Calls
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I am an Indian working in Kuwait. On May 26, 2012, I was involved in an accident in Mahboula, on the seaside road, opposite to the Mareena Tower. A KPTC bus hit me while I was riding my bicycle on the way to Fintas.

I had an operation and the doctors fixed the fracture of my bones in my right leg with a 4” steel plate. I have filed a case at Fintas Police Station and also handed my case to an advocate who was referred to me by one of my friends. I made a power of attorney for the advocate for this case.

In February 2013, when I called him just to know any updates of my case he said “They have made the bus driver a victim and fined you KD 10 for riding a bicycle on the street.” But since our last talk in March 2013, I tried to call him he did not respond to any of my calls.

Is there any advice of yours which could help me out. Because of this accident I lost my previous job. I also lost my bicycle, I have no idea who took it… even the police — on the day of accident — said that had not seen any cycle there. And lastly I cannot walk as perfectly as before. There is always a lot of pain.

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Answer: You need to immediately get in contact with your lawyer, so go and see him at his office. You must find out why the court issued the verdict against you. There must be a detailed judgement issued by the court which was hearing your case. Some lawyers are not to be trusted because when you give them the power of attorney to fight your case, a few of them end up making deals with the rival lawyers. But this is a case with a very few of this profession…because most of them are very honest. If you feel that the verdict is incorrect, you must get a new lawyer and appeal the verdict in a higher court. That is the only thing you can do.



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