After 22 Years Brothers Found With Fake Citizenship
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Two bedoun who got the Kuwaiti citizenship more than two decades ago on the basis of forgery committed by their father have been reprimanded by the concerned authorities, reports Al-Anba daily.

The forgery was discovered after instructions were issued by the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior Sheikh Mohammad Al-Khalid ordered a follow-up in the naturalization process to detect discrepancies if any in this sensitive file.

The Assistant Undersecretary for Criminal Security Affairs at the Ministry of Interior, Major-General Abdul Hamid Al-Awadhi by virtue of his experience and expertise discovered the two young men (bedoun) got the citizenship 22 years ago through fraudulent means and enjoyed the benefits and all privileges granted to the Kuwaitis by the State.

According to security sources, Major-General Al-Awadi has referred the entire case to the Public Prosecutor. The two sons also have been summoned for interrogation because although they became aware of the forgery they kept mum and refused to inform the authorities.

Sources said, Major-General Al- Awadhi had received information from someone who is a friend of the two young men that both of them had got the Kuwaiti nationality through fraudulent means more than two decades ago. After this information was received instructions were given to the Criminal Investigation Department to investigate and clarify the facts to know the authenticity of the information.

When the father of the boys, who is a bedoun, was summoned for interrogation to know how his two sons got the Kuwaiti nationality, after intense interrogations the father said 22 years ago, specifically in 1993, he befriended a Kuwait living in the Ahmadi Governorate and the latter informed him that he could put the boys under his name and get them the Kuwaiti nationality to help them get the KD 50 allowance from the government provided the father does not intervene in anything and does not fight for any other benefits.

He also said he will not be responsible for anything. He said, later he learned that the friend had paid KD 200 to an Arab nurse to get the birth certificates. According to security sources the two ‘boys’ who got the Kuwaiti nationality, both of whom who hold secondary certificates and work at the Army and National Guard, one of whom is also about to get married, admitted that they were aware that although they are bedoun, they hold the Kuwaiti nationality but did not know how they got it.

He acknowledged that he was aware of the fact that what he had done was wrong but at the same time he could not see the future of his sons being destroyed. The source pointed out, the detectives have identified the nurse who helped get the boys get the Kuwaiti nationality. The sources also said the nurse has left Kuwait for good but her name is on the blacklist of people wanted by law

Source - Arab Times

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