Airhostesses Help Saudi Woman Deliver Baby On Plane Mid Flight
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A Saudi woman gave birth to a baby girl at an altitude of more than 30,000 feet. The woman was among passengers travelling from Jeddah to New York when she went in labour and gave birth seven months into her pregnancy.

Saudi Arabian Airlines flight made an emergency landing at London airport to provide medical help to the woman. Saudi Arabian Airlines flight SV21 was heading to New York from Jeddah International Airport when the pilot diverted its course to London and requested emergency landing.

As no gynecologist or obstetrician was on board the flight, the air hostesses, who are trained on such emergency cases, helped the mother deliver after arranging a discreet corner in the plane.

Although the mother and her newborn-baby were in good health, the pilot decided to divert the flight and requested an emergency landing at the nearest London Heathrow Airport.

Saudi Arabian Airlines director-general Saleh Al-Jasser offered the newborn baby and her family free plane tickets.

Saudia is the national carrier of Saudi Arabia, with its main operational base at Jeddah-King Abdulaziz International Airport (JED).

The airline has a fleet of 163 aircraft and flies to 126 destinations around the world.

The journey time from Jeddah to New York is at least 12 hours. The aircraft was seven-and-a-half hours into the journey before it had to land in London.



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