Airport Customs Foiled Attempts To Marijuna And Illicit Tablets Smuggling
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Airport customs officers foiled attempts to smuggle marijuana and 5,000 illicit tablets in two separate cases. The first according to a customs source was when roaming officers suspected a Bangladeshi national entering Kuwait. When customs searched his luggage they found marijuana in a tamarind can, estimated at one kilogram. In the second case, another Asian man who works in a furniture store hid 5,000 tablets in his suitcase. The two were sent for investigations and prosecution. In a third drug case at the airport, customs officers, in cooperation Mubarak Al-Kabeer detectives foiled an attempt by a Syrian man and a citizen to smuggle 230,000 Captagon tablets that arrived from Syria by air, and both were arrested. The tablets were hidden inside car transmission parts.



20 Jan, 2016 0 857
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Kuwait Local News
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