Al- Fintas.. The Wonderful Village Almost 26 Kilometers South Of Kuwait City
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American University of the Middle East one of the modern landmarks in Fintas. Al- Fintas, the wonderful village almost 26 kilometers south of Kuwait City, carries the Arabic equivalent of a ‘water tank’. The name implies that this coastal area once had dozens of water wells, where sailors used to fill their tanks before embarking on sea voyages.

Al-Fintas was well-known for agricultural activities and pearl diving. It was inhabited by the Arab famous tribe of ‘Banu Khalid’, who used to live in Kuwait before Al-Sabah family came to power. Under Al-Sabah family, Al-Fintas, located on Al-Adan coast on the Arabian Gulf, acquired more significance as a water supplying station.

Thanks to its fantastic farms and shores, as well as moderate weather and the surrounding Sidr and palm trees, the area was a refuge for Kuwaitis who used to spend some quality outdoor times, especially during spring and summer.

Historians wrote that Al-Fintas used to have up to 30 wells, the most known of them were Al-Beldani, in addition to Suleisel, the latter mainly provided water for cattle. The village has had artistic features that distinguished it from other Kuwaiti villages, and was famous for ‘Al- Samri’, researcher in Kuwait history Yaqoub Al-Ghuneim told KUNA in a previous interview.

Al-Samri is singing poetry while the drum is being played. Two rows of men, seated on the knees, sway to the rhythm. In 1945, a boys’ school was built there, and students reached 45 in 1951, when a girls’ school was built. Medical services were offered in Al-Fintas through a vehicle that served like a mobile clinic, with a doctor and a nurse, provided with necessary tools and supplies available then.

A medical center opened there in 1953. Among the famous men in the history of Al-Fintas was ‘Noukhetha’ (sea captain) Mohammad Al-Haqqan, who was appointed as chief of the village by Kuwait’s ruler then Sheikh Ahmad Al- Jaber Al-Sabah in the 1940s. With the export of the first oil shipment, Al-Fintas inhabitants started to sell their farms and seek government jobs. Al-Fintas is a calm area, far from traffic jams and pollution, and has been bestowed with clear and comfortable sea scenes.

In addition, the area enjoys various other public services, namely Al-Fintas Public Park, Agaila Beach Park, Safir Hotel, Al-Fintas Beach, the Fishermen Diwaniya, Sabah Al-Ahmad Coast Guard Base and the Marine Science Center, an affiliate of Kuwait University.

As many foreigners have recently gone to live in Al-Fintas, the area is now busy with leading restaurants and cafe chains, together with high-level housing complexes. Moreover, it is few minutes from business centers in Fahaheel and Al- Kout Mall. It is also near the American University of Middle East in Agaila and the Box Hill College Kuwait in Abu Halifa.



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