Animal Abuse
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As a couple days ago, i’ve seen a video about the dog who’s tail was cut off for maybe fun or for areligious  purpose. 

Animals are not meant to be treated in a abusive or any sort of way, they’re animals, not killers. Also to mention the deaths of dogs taking place in kerala cause of multiple reasons, which was ofcourse due to poisoning, should be stopped, abusing animals which are meant to be pets, should be stopped, and the yulin festival? Or well China which is best known for it? For specificly eating them? Yeah, every part of it should be stopped.

They’re not something to eat, pets are not meant to be stolen and sold as meat. Animals are not supposed to be treated and cut down into pieces to just end up in our plates. They are living things, breathing, playing, expressing, loving and caring.

They age like human’s do, they act like human, sometimes even try to speak to us, which ofcourse we don’t understand.

Some dogs have to be put down for a certain reason, which is probably cause of the disease or cause of their abusive behavioir which will spread to the rest of them such as when a dog gets aggressive to another dog, the dog that encounters them gets traumatized, but puttig them down is not the only option, trying to cure them and doing your best to help them before putting them is the perfect choice and option. 

Everything in this world has a reason, if an animal behaves agressively towards you, it’s because of the threat they received from another being that they react aggressively, which is only for they’re own protection and to the people who believe that humans can catch diseases or so from another animal, please do your research right. For, if that was true the whole world would’ve been sick. 

So thank you for reading this and i hope that at some point, your point of view about animals changes and you try to make a change for them.

Source - Shirin Sayyed

20 Sep, 2015 0 929
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