Apply Quota System On Expatriate Communities
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The General Secretariat for Planning has formally requested the government to apply the quota system on expatriate communities and determine the number of each community to protect the demographic structure of the country . 

According to sources, the Secretariat has confirmed a significant increase in the numbers of some nationalities, a matter which requires a review of the recruitment process based on the need of Kuwait’s labor market. In a letter to the Council of Ministers, the Secretariat has called for activating the small and medium funds to raise the proportion of national employment in the private sector.

The Secretariat has also requested the Interior Ministry to address the travel ban on those whose residence permits have expired to speed up deportation measures through the amendment of legislations related to expatriate labor.

This is in addition to a request to cancel Council the sponsorship system and replace it by the establishment of a company comprising board of directors from the relevant government agencies to recruit and follow-up employment.

In this case, the daily said, the company will be solely responsible for the distribution and accommodating workers without the intervention of individuals.



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