Arab Surgeon Forgets Scissors In Patient Belly
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An Arab doctor working in Saudi Arabia forgot a pair of scissors inside the abdomen of a patient, after conducting a surgery to remove fluid from his belly last week. The directorate of King Khalid Hospital in Hail launched an inquiry to question the doctor over the serious medical blunder.

The same doctor also conducted a second surgery to remove the scissors which were discovered after taking an X-ray of the patient, Mohammed Suleiman Al-Haiti, who returned to his physician and complained of an acute pain in his stomach.

Hail Media Directorate said that it launched an inquiry over the blunder which went viral online, before the patient filed an official complaint.

Mohammed Suleiman Al-Haiti said that he suffers from several chronic diseases, including blood pressure, diabetes and cirrhosis.

He was admitted three months ago to King Khalid Hospital in Hail to undergo full medical check-ups over the saturation of his body fluids till the chest area.

The patient claimed that the Arab doctor made him sign a document in English and told him that he would undergo a second surgery to clean his belly, in an attempt to cover-up on the medical blunder.

King Khalid Hospital director Dr. Fawaz Al-Rashid visited the patient and told him that doctor had been banned from travelling to Egypt pending investigation.



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