Ban On Quad Bikes Starts From Next Wednesday
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The Interior Ministry warned Sunday it will revive decision 245/1983 of banning all four-wheel motorbikes inside residential areas, or major roads and highways, including coastal areas during a campaign that will start next Wednesday.

The ministry’s Undersecretary Lieut-General Suleiman Al-Fahad called, in a press statement, on parents to avoid accountability on the matter, noting that adult detainees will be held in custody, however juveniles will be taken to the correspondent administration and their parents will face legal consequences. Al-Fahad stressed the ministry’s determination to move forward and improve quality, supervision and control and helping solve traffic problems. Al-Fahad explained juveniles or even children driving in residential areas causes a number of serious accidents, some of which led to deaths and disabilities. Al-Fahad stressed importance of following road and traffic laws which were put to help everyone drive safe, noting that the responsibility lies on the shoulders of everyone.

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