Beware Bogus Maid Supplier Agents
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General for Residency Investigation Affairs Department affiliated to Citizenship and Passport sector arrested two domestic manpower agents for trafficking in persons.

The arrest followed information the sector received regarding a group of Zimbabwean nationals who became victims to unscrupulous agents who recruit workers from abroad and force them into domestic service after promising them jobs in offices and salons through forged contracts. Subsequent to necessary investigation and confirmation of the report, a team of detectives was formed to follow up the issue, and the two agents were arrested.

Further investigation revealed the two suspects recruited domestic workers from abroad to exploit them. They were referred to concerned authorities for necessary legal action.

In a statement, Public Relations and Security Media Department warned citizens and expatriates to be careful in their dealings with unofficial recruitment agencies to avoid falling victim to the activities of swindlers who disguise as domestic agents.

It also warned against those who advertise the services of domestic workers on social media, and stressed the importance of cooperation between accredited domestic offices and concerned security departments to deal with the phenomenon, and avoid sheltering runaway domestic workers and violators.

It also appealed to citizens and expatriates to contact domestic affairs sector at the Public Residency Affairs building located in Dajeej area or call hotline 112 to report issues related to domestic workers.



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