Bride Refuses To Send Nude Selfie, Groom Wants Wedding Cancelled
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Selfie craze among smartphone users is growing increasingly and this madness is often resulting in dire consequences like accidents and even deaths. However, a 33 year old soon to be groom belongs to a different kind. 

According to the police reports, Jithendra from Mumbai India got engaged to a girl from the same area as he resides. Recently, Jithendra asked his soon to be wife to send him her nude selfie. Shocked by this, the girl did not oblige to her groom's unusual request. Fed up after repeated requests, Jithendra started to threaten the girl saying that he will cancel the wedding if she didn't send her nude selfie.

Shattered by the groom's ways, the parents filed a police complaint and the cops took the groom 


25 Aug, 2015 0 1914
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