Citizen Shocked When He Banned From Travelling Over KD 2.5
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A Kuwaiti citizen was shocked when he discovered that he was banned from traveling and all his cars were booked. He panicked, thinking that he must have committed a grave crime or must be involved in a murder crime that he did not commit. However, he eventually discovered that the travel ban was placed on him over a petty issue of not paying for a stamp worth KD2.5.

The same huge mistake had happened earlier with Prof Dr Rashid Al-Enezi from the Faculty of Law at Kuwait University. He was also shocked to discover his name was among those barred from traveling outside the country. Their fear is justifiable since it is known that the decision to impose travel ban is only issued by a judge in order to ensure a convict who is involved in criminal or financial or any such crimes is restrained from leaving the country.

However, it is inconceivable that the e-system at Ministry of Justice blacklists citizens and expatriates who may forget to pay for stamps. This issue has become a source of concern and fear for many people of being banned from traveling over trivial reasons or for non-payment of petty amounts. In his Twitter account, Dr Al-Enezi expressed his shock, saying Ministry of Justice has the address of his office at the Faculty of Law in Kuwait University as well as his home address but it did not send him the claim for the KD 2.5 and instead chose the easier option of imposing a ‘travel ban’ on him.



04 Sep, 2016 0 12511
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