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I have been working in Kuwait for the last 5.5 years. My profession is engineer. After working three years in the first company I had transferred to another company. Now in this company I worked 2.5 years and resigned because I have another better opportunity. I am on the notice period until the end of August.

Now I am planning to transfer to the third company. This third company is asking me to submit my work permit copy & authorized signature copy to start the procedure of transfer but as my notice period is till end of August my current company said they will give me these documents only at the start of August.

The new (third) company wants these papers to start the procedure and a confirmation that I can get transferred. But I am unable to give them these papers and in this case they may nullify the offer.

Please confirm whether is it legal for my current company not to give me these papers. What action can I take? Another question: Can I get indemnity for my 2.5 years of service?

Name withheld 

Answer: Your current company is just being nasty … as it is a normal procedure/tradition for companies to start the transfer proceedings as soon as you have found a new sponsor.

Having said that, the law is, however, with your current company as it can pick it’s time (until the last day of service) to give you all the papers.

There is nothing you can do about it except try resolve the situation amicably by talking to your immediate superiors.

Try also talking to the new company because the law allows you to remain on the residence of the current sponsor during the probation period with the new sponsor.

There is no harm is staying on the current company’s sponsorship until you complete the notification period.

On the question of indemnity, you will not get anything because such an entitlement starts only once you have completed three years but in your case you have almost half a year less than the legal requirement.



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