Construction Named Most Dangerous Job In Kuwait
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Construction is reportedly one of the most dangerous jobs in Kuwait, with serious injury or accidental deaths among construction workers comprising nearly half of all worker injuries in the country.

These facts are supplemented by data collected from the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labour (MSAL) as part of a case study by Dr Hanouf M. Al-Humaidi and F Hadipriono Tan.

Their study found MSAL data states 33.2 percent accidents occurred due to falling down, and it is "the most frequent occurrence [on] construction sites". Up to 25.2% of the accidents involved being crushed by a heavy object, and misuse of tools and equipment accounted for 18.1% of the accidents.

Most common injuries on construction sites include bone fractures (52.6%), wounds (17.5%), and bruises (14.5%). Around 0.8% of these injuries lead to deaths, the report added.

Typical causes of construction site accidents include trench collapses, crane overturns, and demolition errors.

Al-Humaidi's research found Kuwaiti safety standards falling short of their international counterparts. His study stated: “Lack of codes and standards that account for the current construction operations in Kuwait contribute to safety on Kuwaiti construction sites."



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