Contracts Of Overage Staff May Be Not Renewed - MOI
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GCC personnel, the bedoun and civilians working in the Ministry of Interior will not have their contracts renewed after they reach the legal age of service (retirement), reports Al-Rai daily quoting reliable ministry sources.

The sources added, in case of any extension it will be for not more than one year. The applicant who opts for an extension will also be asked to sign a pledge that he/she will not request for further extension. The sources said the General Administration for Power in the Ministry of Interior as of this year has extended the services of a few for one year only, persons who had reached the legal age of service.

As a result of this exercise nearly 350 military personnel — GCC citizens and bedoun in addition to 150 non-military expatriates are expected to be sent into retirement next year. On the other hand the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Interior Suleiman Al-Fahd has issued a circular to force the owners of the popular homes in Taima and Sulaibiya to return them to the ministry — owners who have cut off their relationship with the ministry or those whose services have been ended. The text of the circular stressed on the need for the distribution of these houses to personnel who meet the conditions and are still in service.



08 Oct, 2015 0 1439
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