Cops Arrested 2 For Causing Accidental Death Of Couple From Carbon Monoxide Inhalation
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Two men have been jailed for three months each for causing the accidental death of a couple, who were found dead in bed in a rented room from carbon monoxide inhalation.

The Bangladeshi duo, a businessman, A.Z., and a worker, M.N., rented a generator and connected it to the Sri Lankan couple’s room to provide them with electricity after Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (Dewa) cut the power over unpaid bills in June.

Records said the Sri Lankan couple was discovered by a neighbour, who found them unclothed in bed before he called the police. The defendants denied being responsible for the death of the Sri Lankan tenant and his girlfriend, who were found dead in bed after having inhaled carbon monoxide that leaked into their unventilated room in Al Rashidiya.

The Dubai Misdemeanours Court jailed M.N. and A.Z. for three months and ordered them to pay Dh400,000 in blood money to the victims’ heirs. According to the primary ruling, the defendants will be deported following the completion of their punishment.

A.Z.’s lawyer told Gulf News that they have already appealed the ruling and a hearing is scheduled before the Appeal Court next month. Prosecutors accused the businessman [who had rented the room to the Sri Lankan man] and A.Z. of accidentally causing the victims’ death when they fixed the generator close to the victims’ room.

Dubai Police’s forensic examiner confirmed that the victims died of carbon monoxide inhalation. A Pakistani neighbour [who lived in an adjacent room] testified to prosecutors that when the Sri Lankan man did not open his door for some time, he opened it and found him in bed with his girlfriend.

A police patrol was dispatched to a villa, according to records, that contained a number of rooms that had been leased to a number of individuals. A policeman, who examined the crime scene, claimed that the generator had been positioned in a room adjacent to that of the Sri Lankans, who lived in a room that lacked any window or opening for proper ventilation.

M.N. testified to prosecutors that he leased the room to the male victim six months before the incident.

“Dewa cut the power because I had failed to pay the bills. On that day, I rented a generator from Satwa to reconnect the power temporarily until resolving the issue with Dewa. I fixed the generator in an empty room and connected the power supply … some time later a tenant called me and informed me that the Sri Lankan resident had died. My boss, A.Z., had ordered me to rent the generator to provide the tenants electricity,” he claimed.

A.Z. countered his accomplice’s claims in court and contended that he had not been on good terms with M.N. and had not spoken to him in four months. “I am not guilty. I did not order him to rent the generator and use it to connect the power … he did that on his own,” said A.Z. as he pleaded not guilty.

Following their conviction, the duo is scheduled to appear before the Appeal Court soon.



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