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I am a Filipino and have been working in Kuwait for the last 5 years. Could you tell me how much it will cost me to provide my wife and two kids a family visa from the Philippines to Kuwait. I am confused about this matter. Please provide me details.


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Answer: The charges for procurement of the visas is nominal…only KD 3 for each but the real costs come in once you have landed in Kuwait when you have to pay the health insurance and residence charges.


As far as the health insurance is concerned you have to pay KD 40 for each year of your wife’s residence and KD 30 for each child for each year of their residence.


For residence, you have to pay KD 100 for each dependent (total KD 300 for wife and two children) for the first year of their residence and KD 10 for each of them for each year after the first year.


So, for the first year you will have to pay KD 100 as health insurance and KD 300 as residence charges, a total of KD 400 for the three dependents.



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