Cyber Crime Law Begins On Jan 12
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The Prosecutor General Advisor Dherar Al-Asousi has issued a decision to set Jail, fine for guilty as cyber crime law begins on Jan 12  He explained Media, Information, and Publishing Affairs Prosecution Sector is the authority responsible for investigating relevant cases as contained in the law.

A source disclosed the National Assembly recently approved the law containing several chapters and approximately 18 articles of penalties ranging from various lengths of prison terms and values of fines. He stated the maximum penalty is in Article 11 which stipulates “the offender shall be liable to a maximum of 10 years imprisonment with maximum fine of KD 50,000 and minimum of KD 20,000 if found guilty of opening a website for a terrorist group or an individual or posting information online on any information technology media.

The suspect will be found guilty of the offense even if the action was taken under the guise of facilitating contact with any terrorist group leader or members or promoting their ideologies, financing their activities, publicizing the method of manufacturing explosives or any other materials used for terrorist activities.” He said the penalties cover prison terms and fines for anybody found guilty of using social media for money laundering, hacking computers and electronic data systems with the intention of formatting, destroying, revealing confidential or professional data or information, and falsifying official documents, banking data and deliberately destroying electronic files relating to medical tests and diagnosis.

The penalties also include breaking down or hacking websites and revealing secret information, as well as creating websites for immoral activities, prostitution or using it for obtaining credit card data to steal from people’s accounts, human trafficking, and illicit drugs.



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