Disaster Waiting To Happen In Chaotic Shuwaikh Industrial Area
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Several citizens and expatriates have expressed extreme displeasure on the rampant randomness and carelessness in Shuwaikh Industrial Area marked by potholes on most of the streets with broken cement blocks and pavements, and traffic congestion. They attributed the recurrent fires to the random storage of chemical materials in many shops in violation of environmental regulations.

They stressed the need to review and reorganize the area to keep it clean. Others called for relocation of the industrial area far away from residential areas and contribute to solve housing crisis. Kuwaiti citizen Saad Al-Mutairi said the area is clearly neglected by concerned ministries in terms of cleanliness and traffic fl ow. He decried the heap of pervasive garbage around the area.

Faris Al-Enezi added some owners of garages pour used car oils in bins without monitoring by any authority. Citizen Mousa Ibrahim also said warehouses for oils and paints can cause a disaster anytime, especially if cigarette butts make their way to these explosive items.

Fires have been witnessed in paints warehouses and citizen Ibrahim is of the view that relocation of the industrial area away from residential areas in Khaldiya, Adailiya is necessary. He stressed that residents of the areas will inhale carbon dioxide in case of a disaster.

He called for the National Assembly to look into the matter. Muhammad Qarni also said the area faces many problems such as traffic congestion due to its narrow roads, “and it does not make sense that an industrial area having warehouses for wood, foodstuffs, sweets factories, door and window factories and garages is adjacent to the Capital. It is noteworthy that industrial cities in most GCC countries are far from residential areas to protect humans and health



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