Divorced - Ex Husbands Name On Child's Passport
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I would like to inform you that I am legally divorced and have a 12-year-old son with me. I have faced problems all these years when I renew the residency for my son. I need to remove my former husband’s name from the passport and put my current husband’s name instead. Because of my ex-husband’s name in the passport we can’t do any financial transaction or travel to any other country. Please let me know process and possibility.

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Answer: The change in name on the passport also involves changes in the residence papers. The process is not at all difficult. It may take a few weeks and that’s all. So, first you have to approach your embassy for the changes in the passport details and then the Immigration Department.

So once the details on the passport have been corrected, you need to correct the details on your Kuwait documents and matchs them with your passport. This is not too difficult. You have to approach the Immigration Department in your area first.

You will have to fill a form with the details you want corrected. You will then be directed to the Fingerprints Department to confirm that you are the “same person” with “different names”.

Once you get the security report, you have to go back to the Immigration Department which will make the corrections in its computer system. To this computer system are connected all the important departments of Kuwait.

The Immigration Department will also put a new residence sticker in your passport. This means the required corrections have been made. You can now approach all the departments — for Civil ID and driving license — to have all the details on these documents corrected. You won’t face any problems. So, get started on the work quickly so that you don’t run into any hurdles in the future.



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