DNA Test Results Will Be In Safe Hands
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The Interior Ministry assured citizens and expatriates regarding the DNA law, saying that “information of their DNA test results will be in safe hands, and will be dealt with from the minute they are collected until they are tested and stored with the highest level of secrecy.”

The ministry’s information and security information department commented on what was said during a program titled “DNA in the eyes of specialists” over secrets, pedigree, crimes and nationality forgery,and said there are deterrent punishments for those who divulge secrets.

The ministry included in its answer a presentation on the idea of establishing a DNA database “that goesback to 2005 and are not the result of certain terrorist events.”

“Kuwait has a pioneering experience at the world level in proving identities, which it started in 1985 by using fingerprints,” it said, adding that the Interior Ministry has a database of 10 million fingerprints. It said that DNA samples will be collected by the DNA center and by a specialized committee under the interior minister and receive orders from him to show its importance and secrecy of information. It said that storing samples and analyzing them will be on an individual basis and will be dealt with through a barcode number and the civil ID number or nationality or residency permit.


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