Egyptian Coptic Church Of Kuwait Celebrated Christmas
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The Egyptian Coptic Church of Kuwait Wednesday night celebrated Christmas in the presence of the Egyptian Ambassador to Kuwait Yasir Atef. According to a press release, the ambassador delivered a short speech on behalf of President Abdul Fatah el-Sisi to congratulate the Coptic family in Diaspora.

Through this message, which is unprecedented from any Egyptian president on such an occasion, el-Sisi congratulated the Egyptian Christians in Diaspora, affirming that they represent their motherland and citizens.

The Coptic leader in Kuwait Bishop Angelios Masoud declared that this year’s Christmas coincides with a new chapter in the Egyptian history following the parliamentary elections, which represent a watershed and a roadmap that started with the June 30th Revolution. He affirmed that Kuwait boasts of an environment of tolerance and religious freedom towards all expatriates, stressing that Kuwaitis were brought up with openness and taught to deal well with others



08 Jan, 2016 0 1090
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