Employers Who File Malicious Absconding Reports Will Be Punished
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The number of absconding cases in the year 2015 reached 18,000, which spells danger in the humanitarian and security aspects, said Director of Labor Relations Department, acting Director of Worker Syndicates Department and Chairman of Arbitrary Committee on Absconding Cases in the authority Dr Madloul Al-Dhufeiri. The authority is working hard to reduce this number, local daily reported quoting him as saying.

According to report, authorities cancel the absconding reports which have no legal merit. 

When filing an absconding case, an employer is now obliged to sign a document stating that the information he provided is true. If the information is proven false, the employer will be charged with providing false information to a government authority, local daily added.

The procedures in this regard will be tough and employers who file malicious reports will be punished by suspending the company’s files and referring them to the concerned authorities, he explained.


28 Apr, 2016 0 783
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