Ethiopian Arrested For Running Bogus Office, Sheltering Housemaids
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Personnel from the General Department of Residence Affairs have arrested an Ethiopian man for running a bogus domestic labor office and for sheltering runaway housemaids . General Department of Public Relations and Security Media of the Ministry of Interior. The daily added, the security authorities acting on a tip-off set a trap for the man and caught him red-handed while ‘selling’ a maid for KD 200 to a police agent. Police records showed this maid was reported absconding by her employer. Police also seized from the man two runaway maids an Ethiopian and a Sri Lankan and referred them to the authorities. The Ethiopian housemaid then attempted to bribe the police officer with an offer of KD 800 to release her and her friend, but the offer was turned down and documented. The Interior Ministry has warned Kuwaitis and residents against dealing with such phantom offices that advertize their services via the social networking websites.



18 Jul, 2016 0 517
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