Expat Family Arrested For Entering Country Illegally
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A Jordanian expatriate and his family members were arrested for attempting to enter the country using forged documents. In a press statement issued by Ministry of Interior, the Public Relations and Security Media Department explained that the expatriate arrived at Salmi border checkpoint with his family and presented documents. When it was discovered that he has a newborn that is not registered in the mother’s passport, the expatriate was referred to the Security Department at the checkpoint.

When questioned, he revealed that he left Kuwait last year with his family via Salmi border after obtaining a temporary visa from Saudi authorities illegally for nine months. Since he remained in Saudi Arabia for the entire period of nine months, his residency in Kuwait was bound to expire.

Therefore, with the help of his friends, he managed to illegally register entries and exits at Kuwait International Airport in order to keep his Kuwaiti residency valid. He was arrested and referred with his family members to the concerned authorities for further investigations and necessary legal action. The airport officials who were involved in helping him will be summoned for questioning.



03 Sep, 2016 0 862
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