Expat Teachers Vow Not To Back Down Until Their Rights Restored
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A multitude of expatriate teachers have vowed that they will not back down until their rights are restored and the decision to reduce their housing allowance is reversed.

They affirmed their plan to head towards the judicial arena before Dec 26, 2016 considering the inconsistent statements of Education Minister Dr Bader Al-Essa. They claimed these are attempts by the minister to dissuade them from what they have started in terms of taking legal action to get back their rights.

The teachers disclosed that 500 lawsuits have, so far, been filed by teachers who resigned and those who were terminated in a bid to get their rights such as adding the housing allowance to their end-ofservice pay.

They said these cases date back to 2011 and the number of teachers who resigned and are resorting to legal channels to get their rights is increasing. They reiterated they will not back down, whether in the housing allowance cut issue or in demanding their rights in relation to difference of grades between fourth and fifth; as well as allowances, bonuses and occupational levels.

About 220 newly-hired Jordanian teachers have already left the country but 40,000 other expatriate teachers are still united in their bid to get their rights according to the law.



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