Expats Leaving Airport Must Pay Fees - MP Abdurrahman Al-Jeeran
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Kuwaiti MP Abdurrahman Al-Jeeran calls for introduction of exit fees at airport  Furthermore, the official suggested balancing the number of different expat populations in Kuwait and reducing the ones with “high crime and law-breaking rates.

Al-Jeeran also said the government has the right to review expats’ bank accounts if it “serves the state’s highest interests.” He said this could be possible through the introduction of the ‘free access law’ which allows the government to inspect expats’ bank accounts.

He claimed the law is being followed in European countries. Moreover, Al-Jeeran suggested the increase of fees for visa renewal, health insurance, and driver’s licenses in line with Kuwait’s large expat population.

Last week, the MP proposed “sorting” Kuwait’s demographic imbalance by reviewing expats’ income levels and professional positions. Expats would then undergo training courses following which “Whoever passes stays and is required to pay fees, and whoever fails for two times is deported,” according to Al-Jeeran.



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