Expats Would Still Be Needed In Medical And Education Sectors
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The daily, however, explained that Expats needed in medical and education sectors and accordingly, MoE will only lay off expat teachers in subjects that can be taught by citizens, GCC national and bedoons.

“Extensive plans are needed to make Kuwaitis work in medicine, namely as nursing and other supporting medical staff,” they said. However, the sources explained that with the general tendency to privatize public hospitals, appointing expat doctors and nurses in the public sector would drop and lessen state budget burdens in this regard.

Further, the sources said that a meeting would be held by the Manpower and Government Restructuring Program, the chamber of commerce, banks and investment companies to agree on increasing the number of citizens appointed in the private sector after qualifying and training them. “Laid off expats will not be given new residency visas or hired in other places, otherwise Kuwait’s demography would remain the same,” the sources underlined.



14 Jan, 2016 0 1122
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