Explosive Belt Maker Arrested
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The security authorities in Saudi Arabia have arrested the man who had reportedly prepared the explosives belt which was used by the suicide bomber to bomb the Al-Sadiq Mosque in downtown Kuwait City in June 2015.

The suspect, identified only as A.Z, was taken into custody by the Saudi authorities for his involvement in terrorist acts in Kuwait. It has been reported, his name was mentioned several times by the suspects who were rounded up and interrogated in the aftermath of the mosque bombing in Kuwait.

The Saudi authorities began looking but he was always on the move which made it difficult for the Saudi security authorities to arrest him. The suspect was arrested at a police checkpoint in Saudi Arabia. He reportedly reversed his vehicle and attempted to escape, but was caught before he could make the next move.

Another man, whose identity has not been disclosed, and who was wanted by the Saudi authorities, has also been taken into custody. The Kuwaiti and Saudi authorities extradite suspects wanted by law in their respective countries.



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