Father Abused His Daughters Aged 16,12
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A father has been jailed for nine months for sexually abusing his two daughters, aged 16 and 12, for more than a year. The 40-year-old Emirati man abused his 16-year-old daughter whenever she arrived home after school. He also abused his 12-year-old daughter in the guest reception area.

The Dubai Court of First Instance convicted the father of sexually abusing his teenage daughters after luring them to his bedroom. When the accused showed up in court he pleaded not guilty saying: “I did not do that.” The defendant’s lawyer Saeed Al Gailani asked the court to grant his client a lenient punishment considering that he regretted what he had done and sought forgiveness.

“My client had pleaded guilty during questioning. He apologised for what he had done and out of remorse and repentance he decided to go to Haj and seek forgiveness from God … he is also seeking leniency from the court,” argued Al Gailani who asked the court to show clemency to the accused.

Records said the accused had intimidated his daughters by warning them that if they told anyone what he had been doing he would be jailed and the family would be broken. The girls’ mother claimed to prosecutors that she had discovered what was going on “by coincidence” when she found on her husband’s mobile some photos of her daughters who were undressed while sleeping.

“I discovered that he had been taking snaps of them partly dressed while sleeping. I also found video footage of him abusing our 12-year-old daughter. There was also indecent footage of the two girls. When I confronted him, he admitted [to his crime]. When I asked my daughters why hadn’t they told me about this, they claimed that the accused had warned them not to tell anybody otherwise we [her parents] would divorce and the family would be destroyed and that he would be jailed,” claimed the mother.

Shortly after the mother discovered the incident she reported the father to the nearest police station. According to Sunday’s ruling, the smartphone that the accused used to film his girls will be confiscated. The primary ruling remains subject to appeal within 15 days.



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