Haris Is Behaving Badly - Water Supply Cut Off
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I am living with my family, including small children, in a building in Abu Halifa, for the last 15 years. I am paying rent regularly in the first week of every month. During this time the rent has been increased several times and I agreed to the increase every time.

Now, for the last about six months, the haris of my building has regularly shut off water to my apartment and very little water is coming to my apartment. I have asked him several times to open the water supply but he has refused to do so.

Now he is saying that you can find an apartment in some other building or if you want you can go to police station and complain but I will not open water the water supply. His behavior is also very bad and he is always shouting.

Please guide me on what should I do? Should I file a complaint and if so to which department of the government? He is also not giving me the contact number of the building owner.

Name withheld 

Answer: Well there two simple solutions to your problem, both which help get rid of the trouble being caused by the haris.

The first one involves you filing a complaint with the Kuwait Municipality office in your area. Every area has such an office. And the once the complaint has been filed the Municipality will take care of the rest.

The second solution involves you filing a complaint with the rents court. Just file a complaint but ensure that you deposit the rent with the court by the 20th of each month.

Once you do this the haris will find himself in trouble because the court will summon the landlord to get an explanation of the inconvenience being caused to a tenant.

So, you won’t have to go looking for the landlord, he will come looking for you. Then you can explain the problem to him and to satisfy the court he will ensure you get your water supply.



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