Heavy Rain In Few Weeks Before Damages 2 Eastern Runways At Kuwait International Airport
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As a result of heavy rain witnessed in the country few weeks before the end of last year, the two eastern runways at Kuwait International Airport were damaged.

There has since been constant clean-up of the site to avoid flying gravels causing damage to airplane while landing, reports Al-Rai daily. In a statement to the daily, the Deputy Director General of the Safety and Air Transport at the Civil Aviation Authority in Kuwait International Airport Engineer Emad Al-Jallawi stated the recent heavy downpour damaged the asphalt in the eastern runaway causing flying gravels but the problem is dealt with by clearing up gravels from the site several times daily.

He indicated the procedure is due to continue until maintenance work at the western runway is complete, indicating the closure of the eastern runway while the western section is under maintenance will be as good as closing the airport. He noted the incident at the runway is similar to some roads in Kuwait that were witnesses to flying gravels after the rain, indicating the runway is currently under reevaluation; besides the daily follow-up of its condition.

The process of removing loose gravel, and clearing and flattening the runway will ensure the safety of planes arriving and departing from Kuwait International Airport, and most of all the safety of passengers, and there is no room for slackness or belittling the matter.



09 Jan, 2016 0 1037
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Kuwait Local News
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