How To Apply For Permission If Your Dependent Children Is Staying Out Of Kuwait More Than 6 Months for Studies
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Procedure for obtaining permission to stay outside Kuwait for more than 6 months. The sequence of the actions is mentioned below;

1. Get a letter from the college where student is studying. The letter must mention student’s name & course name. (Free of cost)

2. Get this letter attested from your country.

3. Get this letter attested from your  Embassy in  Kuwait.

4. Now get this letter authorized by MOFA, Kuwait (KD 5)

5. Have this letter translated into Arabic after all attestations (KD 2)

6. Go to Jawazat of your area and get typed application called “Izne Gayab” (500 fills).

7. Attach your Passport & CIVIL ID and student’s Passport  & CIVIL ID copy.

8. Attach 2 Passport size photographs of student having Blue back ground.

9. Ask for “Izne Gayab” section and submit all the documents.

10. You will be given a print out having various signatures and rubber stamps and mentioning that the student is granted permission to stay outside Kuwait for more than 6 months and until his residence expires. The print out is free of cost.

11. Student’s photo shall be pasted on the paper mentioned in no. 11

12. Send this document to the student to be carried while travelling to Kuwait.

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