Husband Asks Not To Chat, Wife Cuts His Fingers
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In a shocking incident, an angry wife cuts three fingers of her husband when the latter asked her to stop chatting on phone. Sunitha Singh and her husband Chandrakanth have been getting into petty scuffles many a time in recent past about these chattings. 

Chandrakanth argued several times about Sunitha Singh frequent chatings with friends for which she never cared. Once when she was busy in kitchen, Chandrakanth checked her mobile phone only get a shock of life seeing the messages addressing 'dear' and 'darling' from the other side.  

Before the shocked husband reacted, his enraged wife came down with a kitchen knife and chopped three of his fingers. He rushed to a private hospital and later filed case against her domestic violence.



17 May, 2016 0 1895
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