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Connecting with the world,
Disconnecting with our families.
Honest with customers and
Dishonest at home.
Polite with others,
Louder with the loved ones.
Helpful for others,
helpless at home.
Have time for others,
'No time for family.
Sharing our problem on social media,
Hiding problems at home.
Respecting stranger,
Disrespecting parents.
Wishing Good Morning to the whole world, Making faces at home.
Chatting with anonymous people,
no time to chat at home.
Good adviser in public,
need someone to advice for ourself.
love western culture,
but hate their country.
Want American passport,
but hate American's.
Want to work aboard,
but hate their system.
Admire other women's, 
fight if others stare our woman.
Our world never seems to bore me, they seem to have they're own moral believe but never follow it.
written by Shaheen Sayyed
30 Jul, 2015 0 1486
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