IBPC Kuwait Hosted A Key Note Speech By Maruti Chairman RC Bhargava
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Indian Business and Professional Council (IBPC) Kuwait hosted a key note speech by RC Bhargava, Charman of Maruti Suzuki Indian limited. Mr RC Bhargava, the father of Automobile revolution in India, said that the olden time where people give importance to cast and creed are gone. Current generation is looking for the development of the nation and the job oportunities it creates, irrespective of cast and politics. The speech was attended by a galaxy of personalities including Ambassadors and diplomats from various countries, Kuwiati and Indian businessmen, professionals and others.

Indian Ambassador to Kuwait Sri Sunil Jain was the chief guest. IBPC hon General secretary Sri Anant Kapadiya introduced Sri RC Bhargava and IBPC Chairman Sri Tony Jashanmal welcomed the audience.

RC Bhargava in his speech said that unlike in the past, today the information is not limited to a handfull of person. Due to increasing use of smart phone and internet made it possible for the common man to know what is happening around the world. Talking about Macro economics, he said that Indian rupee is more stable than any other currencies in the developing world.

Today the foreign exchange resever of India is in the highest level. The current government has made several attempts to reduce the subsidy. The share of subsidies as proportion of total expenditure has decreased, which is a good sign for the economy, Mr Bhargava said.

Mr Bhargava, an IAS officer who took charge of Maruti when it launched as a public sector undertaking, also lead the company when it converted as a private entity. Manufacturing itself may not generate employment, but the boost in manufactiring section will create the job market in related segment, he said. Today Private sector plays big role in creating employment and generating the economic growth in a country. But the main challange is to convince the people that the promoting private sector is for the overall development of the country, he said. The government has now taken very bold steps which no other previous govenrment has done. Implementation of GST, Fight against black money etc already created the ground work for the future India, he added.

"Look at the Indian succes stories. They all succeded when the overall condition in India was not as good as what it is now. Also look at the failures and learn why it is failed. With that anyone can succeed today in India. An ideal condition is something which never exists", Mr Bhargava concluded.

The speech was followed by an interactive session with the members of Indian Business Council. A fruitful discussion was held with the IBC members. The members raised various topics related to the automobile industry and the business environment in India in general. Sri Shivy Bhasin proposed vote of thanks. Indian Business & Professional Council is a great platform to interact, inspire and be an inspiration to others.




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