Illegal Pets , Weapons Found In Arms Hunt
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Personnel from the Arms Collection Investigation Department led by Acting Director-General of the Department Colonel Walid Al-Shehab organized surprise what the authorities called ‘search campaigns’ in various parts of the country to look for illegal arms and ammunition.

The daily added, to the surprise of the raiding party several people had illegal pets in their homes such as snakes and monkeys. The securitymen also seized a sizable number of arms and ammunition from those who had failed to hand over the ordnance during the amnesty period.

According to a security source the campaigns were organized upon orders from the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Interior Lieutenant-General Suleiman Al-Fahd, and Assistant Undersecretary for Criminal Security Affairs, Major-General Abdul Hamid Al-Awadhi.



06 Sep, 2016 0 1237
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