Indians Make Up 25 Percent Of Total Workforce In Kuwait - Central Statistics Bureau
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According to the latest statistical report released by the Central Statistics Bureau, 1,805,507 employees are working in Kuwait, which is excluding the domestic workers.

According to Arab Times report, Indians constitute around 25 percent of the total workforce with 455,228 employees. This is followed by Egyptians at 419,088 or 23 percent; Kuwaitis at 342,417 or 19 percent; Bangladeshis-138,111; Pakistanis-92,136; Filipinos-72,369; Syrians-63,875; Nepalese-39,322; Iranians-26,941; Sri Lankans-24,373 while the other nationalities totaled 131,618.

The total number of domestic workers in Kuwait reached 609,936 in the year 2015. In the domestic workers category also Indians topped the list with 269,102; followed by Filipinos-115,767; Sri Lankans-78,009; Bangladeshis-53,627; Ethiopians-46,823; Nepalese-21,770; Indonesians-8,906; Ghanaians-4,633; Pakistanis-1,988; those from Madagascar-1,976 while other nationalities totaled 7,325.



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