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Good morning my dear and honorable readers and I am happy to be back after a long hiatus. In this article, I would like to shed some light on issues that are taking place in Kuwait and try to find a solution to such wrongdoings. There has to be a ‘red eye’ for those who breach the law or act as if he or she is superior to many others. The law must be imposed on everyone with no exception. The government ought to seriously tackle the wrongdoings and become stricter on violators rather than keeping its eyes shut on those who believe they own the country. A few years back, the government said it would not tolerate anyone who erects a tent or a diwaniya (gathering place for men) outside his house and went on with it seriously. After that, some MPs tried to defy the government thinking it was lenient like it had been on many occasions, but the government responded with stiffness and said it would impose the law on everyone with no discrimination, and there it had made it. People then were proud of the government because it enforced the law on all and gave no one the chance to protest. That is what we want, strict measures against all violators of the law so that everyone feels that no one is above the law.

Some categories need to see the ‘red eye’ of the government, including

1- Some government hospitals’ doctors who never look you in the eye, and make you feel that you are a burden on them.

2- Maniac drivers who expose our lives to danger including those who break the red light, use their mobile phones while driving, use high beam flashlight while driving causing you to have an accident, drivers who seize the handicapped parking and those who do not respect the pedestrian crossing.

3- Some domestic workers’ offices that mistreat those workers who are in dire need for a decent living.

4- Some foreign embassies who overcharge for visas granted to the Kuwaitis and foreigners alike.

5- Some sponsors who do not fear Allah in the domestic workers through mistreatment, delaying in paying salaries, refraining from granting them their right to own mobile phones, their passports, rest hours and a weekly day off.

6 – Some policemen and investigators at police stations who mistreat foreigners and Kuwaitis alike by not fully listening to their complaints and most importantly, respecting them. A lot of people become afraid to go to the police stations in fear of the behaviors of many policemen and investigators.

7 – Some government employees who act rudely with Kuwaitis and expatriates.

8 – The Interior Ministry must install security screening at the entrance of Kuwait International Airport especially amidst this critical period. Now, anyone can enter the airport and place a suspicious parcel or do whatever among the crowd without being screened. This apparatus is so significant and must be secured all the time.

9 – The Interior Ministry must look with a sympathetic heart to people of some nationalities who cannot bring in their loved ones including people of the Pakistani nationality.

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10 Aug, 2015 0 910
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