Jailed By Mistake - Compensation For Wrongful Conviction
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I need an answer to my problem. Police arrested me from my office saying that as there was a case against me I had to go with them.

Then they took to jail and told me that a court had sentenced me to 5 years imprisonment and after the jail term they would send me back to my country.

I hired a lawyer who told me I had been sentenced in a forgery case. I was not guilty of anything so I told my lawyer to investigate the matter.

It was found that I had been arrested by mistake because my name and other details matched someone else.

My lawyer put in an application to the same court but it took one month to get me out of jail. I know I am entitled to compensation. What amount can I claim and where to go.

Name withheld  

Answer: Unfortunately, there is no compensation set by the government for wrongful conviction or wrongful confinement. But that doesn’t mean you can seek compensation for the wrong which caused you a lot of mental and physical agony.

You should hire a lawyer and sue the government over the issue … and claim a certain amount. A lot of such cases are decided in favor of the claimants … so go for it.



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