KISR Released 250,000 Baby Shrimps Into A Bay North Of The Country
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Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research (KISR) releases 250,000 baby shrimps into north of Kuwait bay on Thursday, into a bay north of the country, in a bid to enhance dwindling fish stocks. Managing Director of KISR’s Environmental and Biological Research Department Faisal Al-Halil said that KISR aims to find a solution to rapidly depleting fish stocks in the country,

saying that the institute had recently begun implementing water farm projects to remedy the issue. Lauding the initiative, Al-Halil said that a number of students and representatives of numerous public institutions had joined efforts of releasing new breeds of shrimp and fish.

The species of shrimps released Thursday represents a major step forward for KISR, Al-Halil noted. The two underlying goals of the initiative are to boost fish stocks in the country as well as generate awareness on the issue, Al-Halil said. In order to ensure the success of such initiatives, all segments of society should contribute, in conjunction with major public bodies, he added.

Scientific researcher Shereen Al-Subaie, in comments to KUNA, said that the shrimps were released into an environment enriched with biological diversity, ensuring a smooth process of assimilation for the shrimps. Another researcher, Noura Jindal, told KUNA that the measure is aimed at ensuring food security in the country as KISR expects to undertake similar initiatives in the near future. With a rich maritime tradition, sea food such as fish and shrimp are staples in the Kuwaiti diet.



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