KPC Workers Who Spurned Strike To Be Rewarded
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Kuwait Petroleum Corporation CEO Nizar Al-Adsani sent an urgent letter to KOC, KNPC, KOTC and PIC CEOs over the workers’ recent strike and asked them for the names of workers who were at work during the strike, as oil sources expected this request aims at rewarding them.

Meanwhile, union sources said KPC’s intentions to reward workers who worked during the strike is a provocative matter for striking workers, and it comes out of pressuring the “strikers” who were demanding their rights, according to the sources.

Meanwhile, informed sources said today will be decisive for workers in the oil sector and their representatives from oil unions, as expectations regarding results of the government committee headed by State Minister for Cabinet Affairs Sheikh Mohammad Al-Abdullah, which is entrusted with ending the workers’ demands on a legal basis, is expected to sign a document or an agreement between unions’ representatives and KPC to end the dispute.

Union source said if guarantees to meet the workers’ demands, based on which the strike was ended, are not given, all options will be available for further escalation.

They said oil unions have eight major demands and will not drop or negotiate over them, because they were made on sound legal basis, court rulings and ratified agreements, including annual increases, personal grades, car advantages and the government’s undertaking to exclude the oil sector from the strategic payroll alternative.

29 Apr, 2016 0 603
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Kuwait Local News
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