Kuwait Names And Shames 20 Beggars And Their Sponsors
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The interior ministry used the statement announcing the arrest of the beggars to publish their pictures as well, in the latest measure to deter mainly foreigners from using the auspicious occasion of Ramadan to engage in begging activities.

The ministry said that the beggars were caught in the Shuwaikh Industrial area, Al Farawniya, Al Ahmadi and Hawalli. The beggars, men and women from Jordan, Egypt, India, Sri Lanka and Yemen were aged between five and 56, the data in the statement showed. Some of them were arrested asking for money from worshippers near mosques.

One beggar had been smuggled into the country, while the others had visas and were sponsored by families, companies or hotels. According to the statement, some of the beggars had been deported while others would be deported soon. Those who are deported will not be able to re-enter Kuwait.

The sponsors were summoned to be informed about the situation. Under the policy now being applied in Kuwait, the sponsors of beggars could be blacklisted and not allowed to sponsor any foreigner. 

Kuwait has warned of a zero-tolerance approach to begging in the country, particularly during Ramadan when the activity becomes a lucrative business for those who take advantage of the more pious and generous character of the people. The interior ministry said it would be strict in granting visit visas to ensure that foreigners do not take advantage of the holy month to enter Kuwait and engage in begging.

Foreigners who are caught begging will be deported and will be banned from entering any other Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) country in the future. The GCC comprises Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

This week, the authorities deported three women after they were caught begging. One Egyptian woman, 44, was held after she was spotted begging for money in several locations even though she worked in a beauty salon. The other two were runaway domestic helpers from India.

Ramadan, the most scared month of fasting for Muslims, started on Monday. All physically-able Muslims are expected to abstain from eating, drinking, smoking, chewing gum and having sex from dawn to dusk.



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