Kuwait Prepares To Take DNA Sample Of Residents
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The General Department of Criminal Evidences will soon prepare a timetable for all persons living in or visiting Kuwait to be screened to take the DNA sample as part of the security plan adopted by the Ministry of Interior. This will include everyone living in or visiting Kuwait including Kuwaitis. The Ministry of Interior is also expected to open dozens of centers to facilitate the completion of the project. 

According to the law recently published in the official gazette, the Ministry of Interior will prepare a database of DNA samples of all people living in Kuwait. People who refuse to make the test face one year imprisonment and can be fined up to KD 10,000 unless they have an acceptable excuse. Those who provide fake samples or commit a forgery face seven years imprisonment and/or KD 5,000 fine. According to law, DNA samples will be subjected to confidentiality and can be accessed with permission from the Public Prosecutor’s Office.

04 Aug, 2015 0 897
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Kuwait Local News
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