Kuwait Society For The Human Rights Welcomes Court Ruling In Maid Torture Case
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Kuwait Society for the Human Rights has welcomed the judgement of the Court of Appeals on the accused woman of torturing an African domestic worker and caused loss of sight in her left eye and severe bodily pain. The society added that the judgment was issued to accept the appeal of the public prosecutor to cancel the appellate judgement that declared the accused woman’s innocence.

The judgment has sentenced her again to serve four years in prison and to pay a fine of KD 750, as well as has accepted the appeal of the victim’s civil right and to be compensated of KD 5,001 and the expenses of a civil action for the two degrees of litigation by the accused.

The society said that the African worker whose name is Fula Tombo Vanessa, from Madagascar was tortured continuously by the female doctor who has no human feelings and the judicial records showed that she has a history of beating workers and more than one case have been registered against her before.

The society said that they are proud of the fair Kuwaiti judicial system that is known for its integrity and justice and concern for the reinstatement of rights to the owners.That judgment is a link in an endless chain of fair judicial decisions which is truly the title of justice and equality in the community.

The society added also that the Kuwaiti law had precedence in criminalization of slavery and servitude and the latest of which was to enact a law to combat human trafficking. And the society confirmed that this judgement will be a deterrent for all those who are tempted to abuse the values and conventions of the Kuwaiti community which is known for its respect for human rights, until it has become a center for humanitarian work in the eyes of the world.

The society called to increase the efforts qualitatively to prevent human trafficking by working on the application of anti-human trafficking law of 2013 more broadly. And that is through the investigation of human trafficking crimes and to prosecute, convict and punish the perpetrators who force domestic labor to serve.

That is besides accelerating the enforcement of domestic labor law, giving domestic labor the same rights enjoyed by the rest of the labor, as well as taking measures to inspect the domestic workers and early identification of victims of human trafficking. The society has presented sincere thanks and appreciation to Sheikha Bibi Al-Sabah — president of the Society of Social Work and Mohammad Jassim Al- Dashti — lawyer of the Society of Social Work who both had a prominent role in this case.



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