Kuwait To Deport Expat Fishermen
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Assistant Undersecretary for Coast Guard Affairs Major General Zuhair A l – N a s r a l l a h announced that expatriate fishermen will be deported immediately in their numbers if their vessels traverse Kuwait’s regional waters without going through Umm Maradem Marine Border Post, which has been specified as the exit and entry point for fishing vessels.

In a statement, Major General Al-Nasrallah said the decision to deport expatriates exiting the regional waters without first going through Umm Maradem is founded on the Interior Ministry’s directive to register the exit and entry of vessels and passengers, and that “the instruction for fishermen and their vessels to go through Umm Maradem is for registration purposes, where security checks will be conducted and relevant information of vessels and passengers loaded into computer”.

He stressed the decision is applicable to Kuwaiti fishing vessels and that fishermen should ensure they have valid residency permit and other necessary documents. He noted 340 vessels have since passed through Umm Maradem Port after the new law came into effect; constituting 126 (entry) and 214 (exit) respectively. He added violations are monitored via radar, which picks up the location of violating fishing vessels before Coast Guard officers are sent to the location. “The measure is unavoidable, because it’s essential for vessels and passengers to undergo security check at the entry or exit points of marine borders”, Al-Nasrallah concluded.



20 Aug, 2016 0 3974
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